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I remember this girl that said to me, “Oh, I used to live in California, so I’m immune to heat. The summers down there are hotter than any other state.”





Bitch, shut the fuck up.

You haven’t had a goddamn hot summer until you’ve fried in the Texas heat or spent a few days in Savannah. The center of the country was practically a fried egg this summer.

California’s on the west coast, or did you forget? It was pretty damn cool there this summer compared to the rest of the country. Mum went on a business trip there before we went to Savannah last month.

And don’t try to sway me with that “I tan so easily and don’t burn” bullshit. You’re pastier than I am. Tanning beds don’t count, the motherfucking sun does.

I got my tan the hard way, by going to the beach in 104 degree whether and getting painful fucking sunburns. You would be crying your mascara and eye shadow-covered eyes out if you got burns like those.

You are not Cherokee Indian, or any type of Indian for that matter. That’s what usually enables you to tan easily, and I got it from both sides of the family. You can pull that shit on me, motherfucker.

arizona is hot too

ya florida too

Georgia holy shit

michigan doesn’t get as hot as the southern states, but it definitely rivals the humidity of  some of the southeastern states. 80 in michigan = 90 in california. 

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