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albinorae replied to your photo: highlight of last night.

Oh god, you rock for doing that.

i ordered it online, and in the special instructions i put “draw andrew hussie’s lips on the lid of the box.” they didn’t know who he was so they looked it up and the driver was so proud of her drawing and i was just so happy.

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albinorae replied to your post: guys! guys!

Doooo Itttt. And remember to take pictures of your outfit no matter which one!

i have wifebeater shirts.

also, when i went to go check google to see what color hair he had, i almost typed instead of isn’t a real website anyway.

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albinorae asked: 1, 4 and 5

1. i. one of my best friends

a. quite being a douche to your wife.

b. you guys just had a baby, you’re 22 and she’s possibly pregnant with your second kid. learn to use a condom, we aren’t catholic.

c. quite wasting money on mtg.

  ii. the general warehouse manager of my shift

a. you’re cool.

b. but seriously, let me train someone for real to be my back- up.

c. congrats on the kid.

  iii. my awesome gf of 5 years.

1. i love you.

2. you’re awesome.

3. let’s have sloppy makeouts on the roof.

(i may have misinterpreted that question, but w/e)

4. i suck my thumb.

5. to be honest, i don’t want to be anyone else. yeah, things are hard for me right now, but there isn’t anyone i’d rather be.

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